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May 23rd, 1701 - Captain William Kid is executed by hanging for piracy. Over 200 years later his letter of Marquee (granting him legal right to plunder as a privateer) is found in the Royal library of London.

The initial exchange of pleasantries often meant the difference between conversation and confrontation. Insulting words of parting were without expectation of reciprocity or repercussion. Our Greetings and Partings section grows daily as our research bares fruit.

Pirates are back on the screen in 2014! The Starz' series BLACK SAILS combines fact, fiction, action and of course, pirate adventure!

Set in 1715, during the Golden Age of Piracy, the series focuses on New Providence and the notorious Captain Flint (a character originally created by Robert Louis Stevenson.) read more

"May God strike me dead if I don't bend a marlin spike 'round your loaf!" The more specific and vivid the threat and, of course, the more credible in light of the speaker's history of making good on threats in similar circumstances, the higher the speakers resulting station in any exchange. Click here to read the various pirate threats.

Famous Pirates

Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart) was the most successful pirate. He captured over 400 ships during is time, while Henry Avery secured the largest single prize, valued at more than $52 million in todays terms.

Click here to read about Bart and other famous and infamous pirates of the caribbean.